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About This Project

Welcome to Online Essay Writing Service Review! This is my personal project which was born as a result of my use of writing services as a student. I remember the joy I felt discovering there are online essay writing companies that could take care of the assignments I had no time or energy for.

And I remember even better the dread I felt when I received my second paper, for which I decided to try a different company since it offered much more attractive prices. You know, it’s easy to lure in a student, especially if he’s already running late and does not want to pay too much for an urgent order.

That experience was a real shock to me. I haven’t read a lot of online paper writing service reviews yet, so I was guided by an overall TrustPilot rating and briefly looking through the first couple of pages with comments.

So, I was not expecting there would be people to deceive me and even leave empty-handed after I came to them for help. Generally, I am not a grudge-holding person, but I could not forgive such injustice.

I decided to write the best online essay writing services reviews I could to warn people against using certain malevolent sites and praise those who were being decent, doing what they promised.

Benchmarks I Used For Testing Essay Services?

I knew what interested me as a customer, and that would also help me to concentrate on certain things when doing my research. So, I decided there would be some common benchmarks in my every online essay writing service review.

Pricing and Deadlines

Besides the quality of writing, those are probably the two most important factors for any student. Unless you can afford any paper at any price, as long as it’s well-written and delivered in time, you are likely to be drawn to services with lower prices and generous discounts. Unfortunately, this is something many scammers use to their advantage, and so I try to reveal the treacherous companies that do that.

I do produce online paper writing service reviews for companies with a higher price range since they are often viewed as more trustworthy, but some of them are scam all the same, it’s just they manage to get more money from their trusting customers.

And since academic papers are very similar to Cinderella’s dress and carriage, turning into useless garbage at the strike of a clock, I make sure to check how diligent a company is about delivering their order.


Sometimes, you can spot a service that should be avoided by simply reading their terms of conditions and refund policy. And quite often you may find out that they don’t guarantee the things you see promised on the main page.

Online Reputation

It’s important to check as many reviews and on as many platforms as possible because there’s a chance to come across a dozen fake reviews of “the best online paper writing services,” followed by a hundred real reviews that can be left unnoticed.

My Experience Using a Writing Service

Finally, what matters to me the most is the paper I receive. Granted, even the most reliable company may hire a new writer who just butchers your assignment, it’s how things are handled from then on that reveals the company’s true colors.

Are There Any Good Online Essay Writing Services?

If I believed there were no good writing services, I would not need to test them one by one, it would be enough to post a message that all such companies are bad and should be avoided at all cost. No, I have different intentions, as I mentioned before. You should understand, however, that no company is providing these services simply because they want to help you.

It’s a business for them, and it’s perfectly fine. The thing is, you have two options how to run a business, either by offering quality services and earning a good reputation or trying to trick people in any way possible and make them pay for some crappy products and services.

So that’s an answer to the question, “What is the best online essay writing service?” It’s the one both sides benefit from, you as a student who doesn’t get behind in class or even expelled, and writers as people who get adequate compensation for their honest work.

Is It Safe to Use Custom Writing Help?

We’ll discard absolute scammers for now and only speak about decent companies since many students are worried about getting caught if, perhaps, their paper is too good or if the fact of them using academic help becomes known to their teacher or professor.

Well, you shouldn’t be afraid if you choose a company after reading my online essay writing service review. There are confidentiality policies in place at such companies, and often your name may only come up at the payment stage.

Besides, if you provide a writer with clear instructions and a sample of your writing, they will do the best to match it and raise no suspicions.

Avoid Scammers

This advice seems obvious enough, but scam sites keep popping up and prospering, so I’d like to give you a few tips on avoiding them. First of all, they thrive on despair and rush decisions that make people place an urgent order without having read a proper online writing services review.

So, evaluate your time, energy, and eagerness to write a paper as soon as you get the assignment. If there’s even a slight chance you won’t do it yourself, start researching your options.

Even if you have a reliable service, don’t wait for too long before contacting their writers as it will cost you more the shorter the deadline is. Besides, you’ll be robbing yourself of a chance to accommodate should something go wrong, and things may go wrong even at the best company. That’s why you should always have at least one or two back-up writing companies. I’ll do my best to point out your potential go-to companies and those that should be avoided.

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