Sarah Law

How it started

The first time I got scammed by a writing website, it took me a six-pack of beer to calm down. The second time it happened, I nearly threw my laptop out the window. The third time came with an inevitability of a sledgehammer, but it woke up a weird curiosity inside me.

Just how many times could I fall into the same trap?

Were any of their pompous promises true?

Would any of my professors catch me cheating?

What started as a source of endless frustrations and anger bouts turned into an almost therapeutic process. Every time I order a paper, I place a bet with myself whether the company will turn out to be a scam. You can see the answers in my reviews. The upside is that I win every time.

My goal

As you can guess, sharing my experience online was not something I intended to do. Still, I realized that my unconventional hobby of looking for the most horrendous writing companies and unmasking them could help someone aside from me. So I slapped this thing together and have been sporadically updating with stories of my past exploits and latest integrity tests.
Disclaimer. I’m not a professional writer, and I won’t promise you anything but my honest opinion. Feel free to disagree, argue, and rant at me. This website is nothing but a way to vent my frustrations, though I’ve been thinking of writing a research paper about the industry, but that’s another story.