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FreeEssayWriter is a homework helper that offers writing academic papers from scratch. The company can boast of having over 250 expert writers and lots of subjects they can deal with. But what makes it stand out from the crowd of other similar platforms you can find online? The fact is that it offers free essays! But is legit? Are all the papers available at no cost? Are there any positive reviews shared by real customers? I’m going to unveil all the hidden truth about the service in this piping hot FreeEssayWriter review.

Get an essay for free;
Original papers.
High prices;
Free essay is actually not free;
Tricky money-back policy.


When I first visited the website, I didn’t like it at all. The fact is that it looked unprofessional with all its bugs and poor fonts.

FreeEssayWriter site design

However, I was extremely attracted by an opportunity to get my paper done for free! According to the platform’s data, I could place an order even in case I had no money!

That seemed simply terrific! So, I decided not to waste my time looking for Free essay writer reviews on independent platforms and placed an order for getting my paper on Sociology done in two weeks. However, being so careless made me fall into a trap. Keep reading this Free essay writer review to know all the secrets of this academic writing service.

FreeEssayWriter free order

However, it appeared that I still needed to pay a special Admin fee for getting my paper done! I was forced to pay $10 to complete my order. Unfortunately, all the info available on the platform’s main website was just a fake designed to attract more customers. In case you hope a pro writer will complete your assignment for no cost, just forget about it!

As for the quality of my essay delivered by the platform, it was just terrible. The paper looked like a number of illogical phrases and sentences written in a total mess. The document I received had nothing in common with an academic paper! Using the platform was very disappointing - I just spent $10 for nothing.


When placing an order for your free essay, you will still need to pay. Moreover, the number of pages in the paper offered for free is limited to two. This means, in case you want to purchase an essay of a larger volume, you are supposed to pay for all extra pages.

By the way, the pricing policy of FreeEssayWriter is not budget-friendly. The cost of a standard college essay is higher than in most platform’s competitors. Although you will see that all the prices are 50% off, it is still very expensive to purchase papers on this homework helper.

FreeEssayWriter price

For example, at FreeEssayWriter college papers start from $18 per page, while most competitors sell this type of paper for $10-$15 per page.


When looking for FreeEssayWriter reviews, I also tried to discover more facts about the guarantees offered by the service. However, I didn’t find any info about this field and decided to make my own investigation.

Most customers want to know whether they can get their money back in case their papers appear to be unsatisfying. Me too. As for FreeEssayWriter, their money-back guarantee is as simple as a piece of cake. You can get a refund only if they fail to deliver your order before the deadline. If you are not satisfied with the quality of the papers, there are no refunds.

FreeEssayWriter money back


In case you surf the Internet for a fresh review, you will surely find tons of contradictory reviews. There are many customers who believe that the service is a 100% scam. They warn other students not to use the platform at all.

FreeEssayWriter review on SiteJabber

However, there are some clients who enjoyed the quality of their essays. As for me, I believe all positive reviews on using FreeEssayWriter are fake.


The customer support was the only thing I really liked when using the service. I contacted support managers via online chat and asked a couple of questions. The guys were really friendly and welcoming. They answered all my questions and helped to place an order. However, the entire impression of using the platform is surely still negative.


FreeEssayWriter attracts clients with free essays. In fact, you still need to pay to get your paper done. The quality of my paper was far below my expectations and was just unacceptable. I believe that using this service is just a chance to waste your time and money.


Is FreeEssayWriter legit? I don’t think it is a legit company. There is no registration number or any data about the company available on its official website.
Is FreeEssayWriter reliable? FreeEssayWriter is not reliable. Most of the information on their website is lies and fake.
Is FreeEssayWriter safe? Using the service is not safe. You are likely to get an F grade in case you pass an essay written by the platform’s writers to your professor.
Does FreeEssayWriter work? The service really works. Unfortunately, it is not as good as it might seem from first glance. I can’t recommend using this platform to my friends, as well as I’m not planning to purchase essays here in the nearest future.