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✔️ Excellent support team 24/7
✔️ Affordable prices starting at $9
✔️ Perfect quality

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✔️ Affordable prices
✔️ Attentiveness to students’ requirements
✔️ Direct communication with your writer

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✔️ User-friendly website
✔️ Direct communication with your writer


Service features

Service rating 2.7
Prices from $15
Deadline 10 days
Refund Policy Yes
Revision Policy Yes

What is Unemployedprofessors

Unemployedprofessors is a writing service that positions itself as the best solution for every student. This site's main feature is about real professionals who have not been able to realize themselves in any university or college. Now they work here. That is why they are ready to write papers for online users.

I did not like the website because it is too chaotic and does not contain real prices and services. I had to spend about 15 minutes to figure out all the nuances and parameters. Also, I did not like that there is no online chat here, and users have to communicate with customer support via email. Well, let me not rush, and let's continue our Unemployed Professors review.

My Experience Using Unemployedprofessors

The developers of the site wanted to make it user friendly and even a little fun. Nevertheless, they ended up with an awkward service that is not very convenient to use. When I registered on the Unemployed Professors site, it took a long time to look for a tab for ordering papers. In particular, I decided to order an art research paper because I was not sure that the experts on this site could do something more difficult.

Unfortunately, they did not even cope with this task. I gave a perfectly acceptable deadline and ten pages, which was not a problem. I also sent additional instructions by mail since there is no online chat to communicate with managers. I was promised that my paper would be ready in 4 days. I had to pay about $150 for this assignment.

I didn't like the way an expert wrote my paper. I got it on time and didn't even find plagiarism. But the writer partially ignored the most important requirements for the paper. Why did it happen? I don't know. Was he or she having a bad day? But I've read many other Unemployed Professors reviews, which turned out to be the norm for this writing service. You shouldn't expect the writer to adhere to 100% of your requirements. Even after being revisioned, my paper looked bad.

Strengths Weaknesses
1Lots of writers
1No online support
2You can order any paper type
2No clear paper prices
3Writers may ignore requirements
1Lots of writers
2You can order any paper type
1No online support
2No clear paper prices
3Writers may ignore requirements

Pricing and Deadlines

You will have to pay $15 or more for a one-page essay for high school, college, or university. If you want to choose a deadline, then you can set the end date and time at checkout. I believe that Unemployed Professors cost is too expensive when it comes to quality assurance.

My paper could have been written in a few hours. I could also delegate the work for 10 days so that the writer had more time. But I decided that I would choose a compromise option because my papers are not that complicated.


Sites guarantee that you receive your papers, and they will be of excellent quality, but I read many reviews and understand that this is not always the case. When I received the substandard paper, I wanted a full refund. However, the company refused to do so.

The fact is that they have a very tricky postscript, which says that a refund is only possible in part and if you can argue your claim. Maybe my reasons were not strong enough to get me refunded? I don't know. It is worth noting that the managers said that the paper is of proper quality, and I wouldn’t not receive a refund.

Online Reputation

I've read quite a few Unemployed Professors Reddit reviews, and most of them were negative. I was also biased towards the site due to the terrible design and complexity of the clients. Many people complain that writers often submit plagiarized papers or do not adhere to various requirements. This is unacceptable. This is why you should read Unemployedprofessors.com reviews carefully before ordering any paper from here.

Customer Support

This is the most painful point, as I hate to communicate with user support via email. This is very inconvenient, and the average response time usually exceeds 10 minutes. When I read various Unemployedprofessors reviews, I thought that other people were exaggerating the scale of the problem. But it turned out that this is indeed the case.

Managers are not motivated to answer your questions quickly. It took me about an hour to discuss all the details of my order at the beginning. It's too long, and I don't have that much patience to wait. There are quite a few other sites where I can do the same procedure in just 10 minutes.


Is Unemployed Professors legit? I do not think so. You should find another site that meets all your requirements. I didn't like the design and the awkward format for ordering papers. Every inch of this service is not credible. If you read my Unemployedprofessors review, you will completely agree with me. This site isn't worth your time.


This site looks very suspicious. This may be a scam.

This is not a legit site. You should find alternative options for ordering papers.

Writers do not adhere to all student demands. This is an unreliable site.

This site is not working as expected. You won't get the claimed quality here.

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