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✔️ Excellent support team 24/7
✔️ Affordable prices starting at $9
✔️ Perfect quality

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✔️ Affordable prices
✔️ Attentiveness to students’ requirements
✔️ Direct communication with your writer

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✔️ User-friendly website
✔️ Direct communication with your writer


Service features

Service rating 3.0
Prices from $10
Deadline 3 hours
Refund Policy Yes
Revision Policy Yes

What is Superbpaper

Many students have different opinions when it comes to Superbpaper. Some say it's a good writing service. Other are more critical, and say that here you will find nothing but disappointment. I decided to make this review for you so that you can get an expert opinion. First of all, I drew attention to the site due to the number of services offered, and additional features.

On the one hand, it looks like a good writing service where you can expect consistent quality. Unfortunately, reality is not so positive. I faced several problems I am going to write about in this Superbpaper review.

My Experience Using Superbpaper

This time I decided to order an admission essay to see how well the writers can handle my requirements. I wanted the writers to prepare the right paper. I liked that there are various nuances for choosing parameters and types of paper.

Unfortunately, this does not apply to the quality of the writers' work. The main problem is that I received an essay that does not correspond to the original topic. I asked the manager for the expert who would write more about my personal qualities as a student and my motivation. Unfortunately, they used some standard templates, so I got an incomprehensible essay.

I asked to rewrite the paper and added more information about my traits significant for studying in college. The first revision was not very successful, but the second gave me a better essay. Unfortunately, it took about 2 days, which is unacceptable for me.

Strengths Weaknesses
1Well-made website
1Poor customer support
2Comfortable billing form
2Low-quality papers
1Well-made website
2Comfortable billing form
1Poor customer support
2Low-quality papers

Pricing and Deadlines

All prices start at $10 per page. This is a standard price that will hardly surprise anyone. You can count on a range of three hours to fourteen days when it comes to deadlines. Besides, there are additional services like plagiarism reports or other parameters. I also liked that here you can choose the currency for payment.

My admission essay cost me $30. This is the standard price that would suit me 100% if there were not so many revisions. If the writer cannot cope with it at once, then this is already a reason to choose another service. I also didn't like that there is no clear interaction between customer support and experts. That is why not all of my instructions were followed the first time.


If you've read Superbpaper Reddit reviews before, then you should know that the company offers standard free revisions and refunds in case of poor quality papers. So I don't see much point in describing this parameter. The only thing is that you will receive inadequate services. In particular, I had to explain for a very long time what I want and why it needs to be fixed. Also, the managers were not quite sure whether it could be done as quickly as possible.

Online Reputation

Even though this company has been operating for quite a long time, I did not find many positive Superbpaper reviews. This is why I decided to check it myself. Some people say this is exactly the service they were looking for recently. Nevertheless, I found many negative reviews that said that this company does not adhere to deadlines or the original quality of papers. However, I received my essay, though not immediately.

Customer Support

The most important point that I did not like is that the company has a dynamic online chat that quickly switches managers. I had to communicate with five people at once who spent too much time reading the previous comments in the chat. I believe that this is minus since any working moments must be resolved as quickly as possible.

If I communicate with one manager, then there is no need to switch me to another. This is an additional waste of time. Another drawback is that I was promised a 15% discount, but I could not activate the promo code. In the end, they gave me a 5% discount, which is also not bad, but I was counting on the best opportunities.


I would not say that I had to deal with scammers. This is an ordinary company that has no idea how to work as needed. There is not enough experience for the employees. I suppose that they chase very often. I would like to see a more cohesive team where managers can deliver important information to writers quickly.

Otherwise, it leads to misunderstandings and wasted time. If I had to choose a tight deadline, then I would have found a better company. 

There are quite a few other writing services out there that are more professional and willing to do the same job for less money. I think this will be the best option for any student. This company takes too long to stabilize the work of managers and writers.


This is a legit site, but you should be careful here.

This is not a very reliable site as the writers do not adhere to clear requirements.

I don't think it's safe.

This site cannot provide adequate quality papers.

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