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Service features

Service rating 3.0
Prices from $7
Deadline -
Refund Policy No
Revision Policy No

What is 123helpme

The company I will be observing today doesn`t belong to standard academic writing companies. Instead of providing writing services, it gives access to an extensive database of already completed academic works on different topics and disciplines (as they state, you can find over 400 000 papers). From first sight, the website looks empty, with no valuable information provided. The design is also very simple, although not quite user-friendly. According to terms and conditions, it belongs to Barnes & Noble Education, Inc., and in general, it looks very unusual. In this 123helpme.com review, I will check the work of the website and provide my own feedback on its pricing and overall level of service.

My Experience Using 123helpme

To create an unbiased 123helpme review, I decided to create an account on the website and paid $7 for seven days of use. What I can say at once: the search is completely inconvenient, just like the overall website navigation that constantly redirects you to other resources. I casually looked through several papers on the top of the lists, and 80% of them were of bad quality. By bad quality, I mean no logical structure, grammatical mistakes, and sometimes the paper didn`t even match the topic. Yes, you can look up a few essay examples on the relevant topic, but how can you be sure that they are good enough? There is a high risk of creating a similar paper and receiving a low grade for it just because this was a bad example.

Strengths Weaknesses
1Large database of essays
1High pricing
2Negative reviews
3No customer support
4No information
5No moneyback or quality guarantees
1Large database of essays
1High pricing
2Negative reviews
3No customer support
4No informationt
5No moneyback or quality guarantees

Pricing and Deadlines

You have no opportunity to check how the service works until you buy a subscription. To get access to essays, papers, and other study materials, you should choose one of the following plans:

  • $7 USD for seven days (special offer instead of standard free trial period);
  • If you don`t cancel on time, you will be billed $29.95 per month automatically.

 You can save up on the monthly cost by buying at once subscription for:

  • 3 months (30% off): it will cost you $19.95 per month and give full access to all documents. You will have to pay $59.85 every three months;
  • 12 months (60% off): it will cost you $9.95 per month and give maximum value. You will have to pay $119.40 every year.

There are no discounts, loyalty or referral programs, or even promo codes to make the price more affordable for students and other users. In my opinion, this is way too expensive providing you don`t receive any custom service: you just look at others` works, and there is also no guarantee that these works are good and you can take them as an example.


There are no guarantees provided on the website, just terms and conditions, and also privacy policy. There is no opportunity to read about your options in case you want to get a refund (many 123helpme customers write in feedback that it`s almost impossible), and of course, there is no revision policy because the company doesn`t provide writing services. Buying a subscription, you actually don`t know what you are buying because there is no free trial to check what the service provides and whether it`s worth to use it.

Online Reputation

There are many negative 123helpme reviews on the web, including quite a low rating at TrustPilot (2.9) and zero reviews on SiteJabber. All customers are dissatisfied with the level of service, too high pricing, and inconvenient interface calling the company scammers and liars. There are some testimonials provided on the website itself (they are all positive), but as you don`t have an opportunity to place your feedback, I can assume that they are fake or moderated by the administration.

Customer Support

There is no such thing as customer support at 123helpme.com. If you need to contact someone, you can fill in the form and send a message, but there is a good chance that nobody will answer. I left my contacts, and nobody called or messaged me. Of course, the company doesn`t provide writing services with urgent orders and limited deadlines, but nevertheless, they should provide a way to get in touch in case you may need it. For example, if you want to cancel your subscription and get your money back or you had any issues with the payment process. It seems like nobody cares what happens.


Summing up, I have quite a negative impression of using 123 help me. The company seems to be useless (no writing services and no customer support) at the same time requesting good money for using the service. It looks like this: someone just has gathered different papers from all over the web (not even asking for permission and not checking their quality), uploaded them on the website, and named it a great valuable database. What do customers receive? A bunch of papers with no guarantees and no opportunity to contact the website`s representatives. I don`t recommend dealing with this service.


The website is owned by Barnes & Noble Education, Inc.

There are no guarantees proving that it is reliable.

You pay for access, and the payment is processed via third-party service, so yes, it is safe.

It does work for those students who require essay examples to write their own works from scratch.

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