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Service features

Service rating 2.8
Prices from $40
Deadline 24 hours
Refund Policy Yes
Revision Policy Yes

What Is MyMathGenius

With the development of technology, college students have got an excellent chance to get fast and quality help with complicated assignments. Instead of struggling with the completion of the next Math paper, the learner can entrust it to professionals.

MyMathGenius main page

At this point, it is indispensable to find a reliable and reputable company to deal with. From the variety of academic paper writing services, MyMathGenius attracted my attention right away. The company is characterized by a wide choice of available services and perfect quality guarantees. However, is mymathgenius legit? Should a student rely on it? These are the key questions that bother me every time I am about to place an order at the custom essay writing service.

Do you want to know whether the company is worth attention? Keep reading the review to learn the details of my experience and avoid the mistakes I made.

My Experience Using MyMathGenius

If you are currently searching for someone to help you do your math homework, you will come across MyMathGenius, as it is the platform that focuses on the completion of easy to difficult college tasks. According to the information claimed on the website, there is literally no assignment its writers cannot deal with. Therefore, I didn’t doubt a lot and decided to place an order right away. An important note: yes, I tried to find some MyMathGenius Reddit reviews, but it didn’t help me much.

The lack of information and almost a complete absence of previous customers reviews did not stop me from placing an order. To tell the truth, that was one of the most challenging tasks, as I was constantly redirected to different pages with information about the service. Finally, after spending almost 20 minutes surfing the website, I managed to start the ordering process. At that point, I had to spend over half an hour more to specify all the details and mention the paper requirements. Do you think my struggles were over? No, after I placed an order, I had to wait for over an hour to get a response from the writer, who would agree to accomplish the assignment.

MyMathGenius ordering process

My order was quite an easy 2-page Math paper that did not require deep knowledge and profound research skills. Nonetheless, I was greatly disappointed to realize that the writers working there could not create a well-structured and coherent text, even though I paid over $150 for it.

In the end, I received a paper full of errors and data inaccuracies. Unfortunately, when I asked for a refund, I got a negative answer, so I had to pay extra for the paper revision.

Strengths Weaknesses
1The company focuses on Math solutions only
1It is hard to get a refund
2Complicated ordering process that requires much time
3Sample papers do not contain correct answers
4The quality of the delivered papers does not correspond to their costs
1The company focuses on Math solutions only
1It is hard to get a refund
2Complicated ordering process that requires much time
3Sample papers do not contain correct answers
4The quality of the delivered papers does not correspond to their costs

Pricing and Deadlines

It is surely not the first time I have ordered academic papers from essay writing services. However, I have never come across a company that does not provide any information about the assignment cost. After reading numerous reviews, I realized that this problem is common among the users, but I still proceeded with the ordering process. At this point, it is inevitable to mention that there is information about the principles of price formation, which depends mainly on the complexity of the assignment, topic, deadline, and level.

MyMathGenius pricing & deadlines

If you are looking for extra discounts or price reduction options, forget about it, as you will get none. Instead, be ready to pay for every revision and additional service you ask for.


After reading numerous My Math Genius Reddit reviews, I started doubting not only the quality but also the reliability and safety of the platform. Is My Math Genius fake? Will I just pay my money and get no results? These are the questions that bothered me the most.

I spent over an hour waiting for the response of the customer support representatives, giving the details of the privacy policy and proving the anonymity and confidentiality of the services.

Online Reputation

As an experienced user of academic writing services, I am strongly convinced that the best way to learn the specifications of the company is by reading its reviews. As for MyMathGenius, I could not find a lot of information from previous customers. The only rating I got was quite low and contained no descriptions or explanations. Therefore, I had to blindly trust the service, which was the biggest mistake I have ever made.

Customer Support

Problems contacting the representatives of the customer support service is one of the most common problems, mentioned in a few My Math Genius reviews I could find. Unfortunately, there is no live chat, so you can only call the team or leave an email, waiting for the reply.

MyMathGenius support


Although I didn’t find lots of MyMathGenius reviews, I am glad I placed an order there. The only benefit I can specify is the ability to warn other students and prevent them from possible mistakes.


This is one of the points that made me doubt the quality of the provided services from the very beginning. A strange refund policy and an unlimited number of data inaccuracies made me suspicious of the platform’s reliability.

Unfortunately, the information claimed on the website does not correspond to the real state of things. Therefore, it is difficult to consider the service reliable and worth appreciation.

Although the company promises to provide learners with maximum safety and anonymity of experience, these points can be doubted. I suppose that my contact information was passed to the third party right after I placed an order. I got dozens of emails and phone calls from unknown companies offering their services.

Well, if you place an order, you get the result. However, the quality of the paper and the timeliness of its submission will never be guaranteed. Even placing a trivial order, you cannot be sure to get the right result.

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