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What is MyPerfectWords

MyPerfectWords offers writing services, both academic and non-academic, like news releases, e-books, business plans, etc. The company boasts having over 250 expert writers covering over 100 subjects, which sure made it a desirable object for a MyPerfectWords review. Eager to find out how much of what they promise is true, I started exploring the site more carefully, placing an order and checking other sources of feedback at the same time.

MyPerfectWords main page

My Experience Using MyPerfectWords

The site does not have anything unique about it, if only a small font which is not well-readable and a pretty girl with the company’s slogan written over her face. Otherwise, it’s quite user-friendly.

Now, let’s focus on the part of My Perfect Words review that will define the final score, and that is the paper I ordered. Since there was a 50% discount on all orders, I decided to order a master’s level paper to see whether they would deliver. I already had doubts, since the few people presented as their writers were definitely fake, according to the results of the image search and to the fact that they didn’t even write their last names.

Writers' profiles

There was still a chance that the paper would be decent enough, after all, I found more than one satisfied MyPerfectWords review. However, I now have to agree that the company might deal ok with simple assignments, but my paper was handled rather poorly. It was not a complete mess, but it wasn’t something worth even half of its price.

The writer seemingly ignored most of my instructions and wrote something he wanted instead. The worst thing about it, more than half of the paper was repeating the same things in different words and without providing the necessary proof or quotes. To get a passable grade, I would have to rework and expand it myself. So, I was disappointed, but not surprised.

Strengths Weaknesses
1An easy-to-navigate website
1Fake discounts
2A wide range of papers, not limited to academic writing
2Prices higher than average
3Responsive customer support agents
3Fake writers, most of them completely anonymous
4Writers can only manage some simpler papers
1An easy-to-navigate website
2A wide range of papers, not limited to academic writing
3Responsive customer support agents
1Fake discounts
2Prices higher than average
3Fake writers, most of them completely anonymous
4Writers can only manage some simpler papers

Pricing and Deadlines

The original prices at are quite high, with $30 for a high-school level page with 8+ days to complete it, which increases to $42 if you pick the shortest available deadline of 12 hours (for PHD it’s 2 days). In my case, paying $21 per page for an MBA level paper with a week’s deadline seemed reasonable, but I would not order it with a full price of $42 per page.

MyPerfectWords price list

I’d like to pay attention to that 50% discount. It seemed like a generous offer, and a great chance for me to write a MyPerfectWords review. It was not clear what that offer was caused by, and the timer in the order form said it would end in a little more than 13 hours. You know, not enough for you to come back in a few days after checking other services, but just enough to make an urgent order.

It seemed way too convenient and suspicious to me. And voila! Having checked other reviews posted at different times, I saw the same offer on screenshots. And if you come back later, it will still be valid. So, the discount prices are the real prices, and they are still higher than average.


The terms and conditions deserve a separate mention in this MyPerfectWords review, since you are told multiple times that the paper you receive should only be used as a reference. The rights to it still belong to the company, so you’re basically renting it. I know it’s a common clause, but it doesn’t make any sense to me. If I buy a paper, it should be my business how to use it.

Terms and conditions

At the same time, the company won’t guarantee you anything, and its services and products are non-refundable. So, was that 100% money-back guarantee on the main page just a lie, like many other things on this site? I guess so.


Online Reputation

At first glance, MyPerfectWords has great ratings on TrustPilot and SiteJabber, but even there, the percentage of negative feedback was still notable.

SiteJabber's review on MyPerfectWords

And if you take into consideration the stamp about 2000+ satisfied customers, the number of reviews seems too low in comparison. The reviews page on MyPerfectWords contains only a couple dozen short comments, all of which are positive. Is that all that was left after deleting negative comments?

Customer Support

I cannot say I was impressed with the customer service. It seems like all visitors are greeted with automated messages from a live chat, and once you react, a real person takes over. And that’s someone who’s not less annoying and not much of a help either.


My Perfect Words review has come to an end, and I’ve seen enough. I do not tolerate services that are trying to deceive me on every step, but thankfully, these guys are quite bad at it. So, unless you’re in a hurry, which is what they count on, you should be able to see through their fake promises and empty bragging.


Not in the pure meaning of the word, since there is a chance to get a decent paper if it’s simple enough. However, the site is built on lies.

I would not call that a company that lies to your face and offers discount prices that are still higher than average.

It sure seems to create such an impression, but having fake writers and terms of use that are simply unfair does not help that.

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