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✔️ Excellent support team 24/7
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✔️ Perfect quality

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✔️ Affordable prices
✔️ Attentiveness to students’ requirements
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Service features

Service rating 2.0
Prices from $13
Deadline 12 hours
Refund Policy No
Revision Policy Yes

What is PaperTrue?

PaperTrue is an American company that appeared relatively long ago and is already well-known in the English-speaking environment. I've seen many mixed reviews, so I decided to test the service in person. The first thing I didn't like was the slightly chaotic design. It will be difficult for beginners to find current prices and order paper. But let me not start with the negative aspects.

PaperTrue main page

My Experience Using PaperTrue

I often order small assignments so as not to lose money in case of fraud. This time, I ordered a 500-word essay on Geography. I asked the writers to describe the process of the Amazon shallowing and the impact on the surrounding fauna. It is worth noting that my paper only cost me $13. This is a very affordable price. However, I was not happy in advance and asked the writer to focus on the fact that the local population around the Amazon is actively pouring sewage into the river.

PaperTrue order form

Then I paid for the order and decided to wait a week. Finally, seven days later, I received my paper. The writer was ten minutes late, but I did not dwell on this. As it turned out, much more significant problems awaited me. Let's start with the fact that a non-native speaker wrote my paper. Most likely, it was a foreigner since the choice of words, adverbs, and verbal constructions were strange. Furthermore, the writer did not consider my wishes and concentrated on the fact that the Amazon is being polluted due to mudflows.

In addition, I found light plagiarism. The writer used direct quotes and even copied some sentences. I don't understand why it was needed. Is PaperTrue reliable? I think you already know the answer. The only positive aspect is the free revisions. However, the writer needed more than five edits to accommodate my requirements. By the way, I was denied a full refund due to the fact that I partially accepted the assignment.

Strengths Weaknesses
1Affordable prices
1No native English writers
2Free revisions
2Chaotic and inconvenient website
3The inconvenient paper ordering process
5Poor paper quality
1Affordable prices
2Free revisions
1No native English writers
2Chaotic and inconvenient website
3The inconvenient paper ordering process
5Poor paper quality

Pricing and Deadlines

The base price per page is $13 if you're willing to wait seven days. However, if you're in a hurry, you can opt for a 12-hour deadline and pay $26. As you can see, the price is quite affordable if you don't pay attention to the result. For example, I was told that I could get a plagiarism report for $10. This is especially funny considering that I found non-original sentences in my paper. But let's not stop there and continue with this PaperTrue review.

PaperTrue pricing


Here is another rather controversial aspect. On the one hand, the company provides free revisions. But if you want to return your money, you will be faced with the fact that the company will create a special commission that can check your task for more than three weeks. Is legit? I do not think so. Usually, only dishonest companies create tricky refund conditions. For the average user, this means a waste of money and time.

Online Reputation

Surprisingly, I found quite a few positive PaperTrue reviews. This is very strange, considering that the site is inconvenient and the search for assignments prices takes at least 5-10 minutes. However, in the sea of positiveness, many people were in solidarity with me. In particular, some users complained about the poor quality of the papers and the lack of elementary logic among the writers. I would find it funny to read such reviews if I had not ordered my paper.

PaperTrue review

Customer Support

The managers did not make any impression on me. These people respond within 5-10 minutes and are polite. This is a plus. But the benefits end there. Managers don't spend a lot of time describing specific situations or giving advice to newcomers. You should be prepared to spend at least 10-20 minutes learning something specific.

PaperTrue contacts


It's hard for me to be unbiased. When I received my paper, I saw the unprofessionalism of the writers. It is unacceptable. Plus, the website is like a fake page, as the price search process takes a lot of time. Plus, no one can guarantee you a refund. It's a waste of time. I don't understand why so many people use this website. There are no quality services or guarantees here. The company operates "as is" and does not provide any guarantees. For me, this site has become a disappointment, and I do not advise you to order anything from here. Find a writing service that keeps promises.


Yes, this is a legit company registered in the USA. However, I am sure that the writers are not American or English-speaking people, as the quality of the papers was poor due to the language barrier.

No. This is not a reliable service that can fail you. I would not use this site to order papers or additional services. This can be a waste of money for you or your friends.

I'm not sure if this site is completely secure. Local managers assured me that the company does not transfer data to third parties. However, I tend to believe my intuition.

This site is not working very well. I was surprised at the poor quality of the papers. It seems to me that this is not the best website for English-speaking students. You should find an alternative.

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