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Owner Writeperfect Ltd.
Years in operation 11
Price from $10.52
Shortest deadline 3 hours
Refund Policy Yes
Revision Policy Yes


SameDayEssay is a writing service that offers various types of papers for students. The site looks very attractive because the developers did a good job. On the one hand, it looks like a truly holistic and trustworthy service where you can get quality papers.

But is it really so? I have made my own Same Day Essay review to tell you about all the secrets and pitfalls of this service. Therefore you will know whether it is worth ordering the papers here.

They meet deadlines;
Online support;
Lots of paper types.
Low paper quality;
Long revisions;
Slow customer support.


When I first saw the site, I thought it might be a good service for ordering papers. Nevertheless, I decided to check it out personally, not to read many other reviews. That is why I decided to choose something non-standard. The manager was told that I could order any paper that I want. That is why I chose a geography speech.

I had to pay $52.62 for it, and the managers promised that this order would be completed in 12 hours. They also actively offered to choose additional options, but I said these features are enough. The writer coped with the deadline, but I didn't like the quality of the paper.

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Unfortunately, the expert didn't consider my wishes, and the topic implies a deeper disclosure and several nuances. That is why I had to send the paper for a revision. Unfortunately, it took a few more hours. But even the final paper did not meet all my wishes. That is why I was left disappointed with this service. You should be skeptical about positive testimonials because it is not always true.

When I was writing this SameDayEssay review, I was not too fond of the format of the information presented in my paper. The author obviously does not know what the speech is or had no prior experience. I saw a broken paper structure as well as a complete non-compliance with the basic requirement. This is the work of an amateur, not a professional.


Is SameDayEssay legit? This is a tricky question, so let's talk about price first. If you want to order high school essays, you need at least $10.52. This is the price per page or 275 words. It is worth noting that this price is only available if you choose a 20-day deadline. If you want your papers much faster, you can pick other options.

For example, experts are ready to write this paper for you in just 1 hour. But it will cost $39.27. When it comes to college papers, the price will rise by 30%. You can also order the services of top writers or premium experts who specialize in exactly the topic you need.

Nevertheless, this is very strange since all writers should be able to make any paper a priori. By the way, I've read a lot of Same Day Essay reviews and think that this is a big omission for a writing service.


If you've read a lot of SameDayEssay reviews before, then you know that many people praise this service for its huge number of additional options. In particular, the company offers a full refund if the paper does not meet the stated standards.

The manager assured me that it was possible, but I had to spend too much time getting my money back. In particular, I spent about an hour communicating with various managers. It isn't easy, especially if you remain objective while writing the SameDayEssay review.


I've read quite a few Same Day Essay Reddit reviews, but I still can't find a consensus on this writing service. On the one hand, this company almost always meets the deadlines, but the quality of papers is far from the proper level. Many people complain that managers do not always understand what kind of paper students are ordering.

SameDayEssay review on trustpilot

This is very strange. Especially considering that it never happened to me. Is Same Day Essay legit Reddit? I think so because many managers talked to me nicely, and not all of them were equally professional. It is possible that such a situation could indeed have happened to many students.


Is SameDayEssay reliable? On the one hand, I liked that most of the customer support staff were polite. However, not all of them immediately understood what I was writing about. Perhaps not all managers speak English at the proper level. This would explain the reason for their slow reaction to my comments.

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Some managers could not accurately answer the type of discount I can activate if I use a promotional code. I also did not like the work of the managers who were responsible for a paper revision.


Is the SameDayEssay scam? I have a mixed impression. The writer was clearly trying to make the paper on time, but I didn't like the quality. Perhaps the company is hiring amateurs. You are better off using an alternative writing service anyway.


Is SameDayEssay scam? It's not really a complete scam. However, you may have problems with the quality of papers.
Is SameDayEssay legit? It is a legit site.
Is SameDayEssay reliable? It is not a very reliable site because writers do not understand how to write some of the paper types.
Is SameDayEssay safe? I do not consider this site safe. It is worth looking for an alternative.