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Owner CoreForce LTD
Years in operation 7
Price from $11.99
Shortest deadline 3 hours
Refund Policy Yes
Revision Policy Yes


WriteMyPapers is a typical writing service aimed at inexperienced first-year students. The company is aimed at residents of the United States, Canada, and Australia, although the main office is in Cyprus. For me, this is already a bad sign. The fact is that Cyprus is not obliged to obey American law. But let me tell you more about the company in this WriteMyPapers review so you can draw your conclusions.

User-friendly website;
Free samples.
Medium plagiarism;
Poor grammar & spelling;
Writers don't stick to deadlines;
Robotic online chat.


I'm not used to trusting little-known companies, so I decided to order an admission essay. Is WriteMyPapers Reliable? Now you will find out about it. I asked experts to write two pages and selected the topic "My future goals and ambitions as a student". The writer did not receive very many demands. In particular, I asked to describe my goals as a future explorer and ambition. Also, the author should have indicated my purposefulness and thirst for knowledge.

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Unfortunately, the writer took the shortest path and ignored almost all of my wishes. In addition, he (or she) sent me a non-original paper. I discovered medium plagiarism. This is unacceptable for me. However, the writer also made about a dozen grammatical mistakes. Plus, I received my paper after the deadline was over. Even the extra 20 minutes is important to me. This is unacceptable for a writing service. Are WriteMyPapers.org scam messages true? This is very similar to the truth.


Now let's talk about the financial aspects. The minimum price is $11.99 per page if you're willing to wait two weeks. If you need paper after three hours, you will have to pay $43. This is not the most expensive writing service. However, my admission essay cost me $94.00. Even if you find it acceptable, you should read my WriteMyPapers.org review to the end to know about all the pitfalls.

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I often hear questions like, "Is WriteMyPapers Legit?" That is why I suggest you take a look at the terms of ordering assignments. For example, the company allows customers to receive up to three free revisions. The only snag is that the dispute managers independently determine the appropriateness of the amendments. Also, I haven't found any mention of a money-back guarantee. This suggests that you should not count on a refund of the order value if something goes wrong. This is important for me because not all companies handle tasks well.


So, I've read quite a few WriteMyPapers Reddit reviews and visited quite a few sites with real user comments. The main problem is the money-back process. According to many people, the company does not fulfill all the requirements, and the writers make mistakes and plagiarism. As you can see, my situation is far from an exception to the rule. Many people also complain that online chat does not always work correctly, and they cannot read managers' messages. Overall, all the reviews are mixed, and I would think twice before ordering a paper as a student.

WriteMyPapers review


The company offers an online chat for communication and a Facebook messenger. It should be noted that the managers are quite friendly and can even answer non-standard questions. The only problem is the frequent crashes on the site. Because of this, you may not see some of the comments.

When I wanted to clarify the details of my order, I could not activate the online chat. Unfortunately, this is precisely the kind of technical problem that can be fatal for many students. I sincerely do not understand why the company does not solve this situation. However, my case is not an isolated one. There are quite a few WriteMyPapers.org reviews where I found mentions of a broken chat.


So, it's time to put all the cards on the table. This is a mediocre writing service that can't help you with even a basic assignment. The company hires writers who make grammatical errors and cannot read all of the customers' requirements. I don't understand why I should pay for someone's carelessness. In addition, it seems to me that the company foresaw this problem in advance. Do you want to know why? You will not be eligible for full or partial refunds.

All you have available are three free revisions. In addition, you still need to prove that the writer was wrong or did not cope with the task. This is similar to the communication of a dumb person with a deaf person. I don't think I will ever visit this website. This company has done everything so that I can find alternative options today. If you are thinking about delegating your tasks, you should find the exact company that meets the conditions. This writing service will give you nothing but frustration.


Is WriteMyPapers.org legit? It is a legit company registered in Cyprus. But this fact should not please you since the writers do not adhere to the requirements and cannot provide the declared quality of the papers.
Is WriteMyPapers.org reliable? This is an unreliable service because writers are negligent in their duties. The company also does not guarantee a refund in case of inadequate quality. So you shouldn't forget about it.
Is WriteMyPapers.org safe? I'm not sure if this is a safe place to order papers. Perhaps you should find an alternative and not risk your money or personal data.
Does WriteMyPapers.org work? This site is not working properly. You will surely be disappointed with the quality of the papers and the exceeding of deadlines. Perhaps you should refrain from using this site.