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Service with a tarnished reputation
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HelpWithAssignment main page
HelpWithAssignment main page

Service features

Owner Dragonet LLC
Years in operation 7
Price from $10
Shortest deadline Not Given
Refund Policy Yes
Revision Policy Yes


Given the company's name "HelpWithAssignment," it is obvious that they provide students with writing assistance. They also claim to have an excellent tutoring service available 24/7 that has made thousands of students happy with their results. At first sight, the website looks good, just have a look at their list of services, it's huge and makes you believe that they really have a team of professionals.

HelpWithAssignment subjects

There is also an "Experts" section where you can look through their tutors and read short information about them. However, their social media links don't work and transfer you to the company's profile. Is HelpWithAssignment scam? When I started exploring the website, the service seemed to be the working one, but it was full of technical problems.

For instance, they have a solution library where you can buy a paper for a few dollars. But when I clicked on the assignment to check out information about it, the page didn't load, and I saw only this.

technical problems on HelpWithAssignment

It happened to all the papers that I tried to open! Do they even have these solutions? Perhaps those icons with papers were fake. Nevertheless, this strange situation didn't stop me from placing an order because I was interested in whether this service worked or maybe I should warn students to stay away from them. So keep reading my HelpWithAssignment review to know what happened to me.

Many followers on social media.
Technical problems;
Awful support team;
No information about prices;
No revision, refund, privacy policy.


There are two ways to get assignment help, and you can use email or DimDim. To get the answer to the question, "Is HelpWithAssignment reliable?" I chose the first option because I realized that live help would be very expensive. So I filled in the order form (if I can call it that) and started waiting for a response.

At the same minute or even a second, I received an email with my tracker number, but I had no idea where I could use it (of course, they didn't answer this question).

HelpWithAssignment chat whith support

The next email about an available writer I got at 2 am!

HelpWithAssignment chat whith support

Honestly, these guys looked so suspicious. They could easily take my money and disappear! Thus, I didn't risk ordering from them, and I recommend you not to do that.


Unfortunately, I don't have a lot of information about pricing policy to share in this HelpWithAssignment review. The company stays silent about the cost of their writing help and tutoring service and doesn't provide price tables or calculators. Only on the homepage you can see that their prices start at $9 per page. They also don't indicate the shortest deadline, but you are able to choose any day on the calendar while filling in the "order form."

As for their solution library, prices range from $1 to $25. By the way, when I got an email from their support team, I found out that a "30 minute live session" cost an additional $30. But they seem generous in providing a 25% HelpWithAssignment promo code by subscribing to them.

HelpWithAssignment price for live session


Is HelpWithAssignment safe? Well, I doubt it. Some writing companies list their guarantees, such as free revisions and money-back policy, but not this one. If you scroll down the main page, you can find the "Revision & Refund policy" section, but you are transferred to the "About us" page by clicking on it.

So I don't know if it's possible to get a HelpWithAssignment refund or request paper improvements. Moreover, such an awful situation happened to the Terms of Use and Privacy policy. From my point of view, this service doesn't look safe or trustworthy, because you don't even know your rights using it.


After having a quick look at the website, I was interested in "Is HelpWithAssignment legit?" To my surprise, I discovered good HelpWithAssignment ratings on independent platforms; for example, on Trustpilot, it was 4,4 out of 5 based on 41 reviews. As for SiteJabber, the situation wasn't so perfect, and the website had only 3.8 stars.

Nevertheless, when I decided to read the comments thoroughly, I noticed that positive comments on Trustpilot weren't verified, only the negative ones. This means that they can be fake and left by the company itself.

HelpWithAssignment review on Trustpilot


I don't even know what to say. Given their website's technical problems, my first action was to contact the support agents, so I wrote to them in an online chat. However, I didn't get a reply! Then I sent them an email, but it was also ignored. Their support agents are active only when a student asks for assistance, but not when he/she tries to find out the service's policy.


This is definitely not a writing service you should spend your time on; there are technical problems, non-existent pages, an unreliable support team, and the lack of a personal account. So my recommendation is to stay away from them.


Is HelpWithAssignment scam? They have strange ways of working and fake reviews.
Is HelpWithAssignment legit? I don't think so due to the lack of necessary policies that protect consumer rights.
Is HelpWithAssignment safe? No, it's not. There is no privacy policy and Terms of Use!
Does HelpWithAssignment work? I don’t know because I didn't order а paper from them. However, I doubt it, as the service was full of suspicious things and technical problems.