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Service features

Service rating 2.0
Prices from $4.99
Deadline 6 hours
Refund Policy Yes
Revision Policy Yes

What is CanadianWritings

canadianwritings homepage CanadianWritings is a Canadian website that offers writing services for local and international students. Here you can order academic paper writing, rewriting, editing, and proofreading. The site also offers all students admission, dissertation, and CV services. I read many laudatory Canadian Writings reviews and decided to test this service personally. And now, you will find out why my skepticism was justified.

Strengths Weaknesses
1Affordable pricing
1Awful quality of writing
2Only anonymous writers
3Very tricky refund options
1Affordable pricing
1Awful quality of writing
2Only anonymous writers
3Very tricky refund options

My Experience Using CanadianWritings

Let’s start from the beginning. Before I get to the review, I want to say a few words about the design and usability of the website. I think the interface is too chaotic. Developers shouldn't have dumped all sections and services on one page. For beginners, it cannot be easy to figure out the order details.

Since I've been testing writing services for a long time, CanadianWritings was not a problem. The paper order window is standard and includes details, preferences, and contact information. You can also attach a text document where you will leave more detailed wishes.

I thought that the paper's quality would offset the chaotic design and the abundance of graphic elements on this site. I hoped that every negative Canadian Writings review was nothing more than a misunderstanding between the client and the performer. But it was not so.

To begin with, I received my paper a day later than previously agreed. This is not acceptable to me. I could have ignored this point if not for the quality of the finished paper. When you place an order on the website, you can choose a US writer for a surcharge of 10% of the order value. I expected the job to be done without any errors.

Pricing and Deadlines

On the one hand, the prices seem reasonable. But this is true if you get high-quality papers. I had to face real garbage. The cheapest essay with a deadline 14 days will cost $17.26. But if you are in a hurry, completing the task in 6 hours will cost you $47.82.

Pricing and Deadlines

If you need a doctoral dissertation, you will pay $49.49 per page. It's true to the 12 hours urgency. But if you are in no hurry and are willing to wait for two months, then the price tag will drop to $19.79. But this price is relevant for one page. For example, if you order 5 double spaced pages, the price will go up to $247.45 with a 12-hour deadline.

When you choose the two-month deadline, the price drops to $ 98.95. If the quality of the academic papers matched the price, then this would be an acceptable option. But I was very disappointed by this while preparing my Canadian Writings review.

Discount on your first order

The writing service also offers a discount for newbies. You can get up to a 20% discount on your first order. On the one hand, this is an interesting option. But the quality of the finished paper was far from being perfect. I would not order their services even with a 50% discount.


I don't agree with the money-back guarantee. First of all, it means that I can only get 70% of the original price if the paper was previously sent for revision. You are joking? If I saw three grammatical mistakes in the first sentence and sent the document for revision, then this is your problem.


The second aspect is the need to wait for the decision of the internal service commission. I have nothing against my claim being carefully examined. But I pointed out all the mistakes to the manager, and some were not even taken into account.

Online Reputation

Not long ago, a friend of mine contacted me with a question, "Is Canadian Writings legit?" I wasn’t ready to answer as most of Reddit's comments and various forums were positive. The problem is that all the reviews were a little formulaic and overly positive. 

Online Reputation

Typically, people don't spend a lot of time mentioning many of the site's strengths. This sounds more like search engine optimization than an honest review. Not so long ago, I witnessed how moderators remove negative comments about the company. Guys, even the Canadian Writings discount code won't make me re-order papers from you after that.

I have been looking for truthful reviews about this service for a long time. Unfortunately, most of the comments are not in line with my experience. Only the Canadian Writings review Reddit was truer. Local users were more categorical about the writing service.

Customer Support

The support manager only responded to my message after 20 minutes. I think I have nothing more to add. You yourself understand the level of customer support. No service responded for so long. Even outright scammers responded to my messages within five minutes.


So, is Canadian Writings reliable? My answer is no. I believe there are quite a few alternatives that you can choose from. Given the quality of the paper I received, I cannot recommend this. The terms of cooperation, the authors' anonymity, and the cunning refund system resemble a fraudulent scheme. I do not advise you to order papers from CanadianWritings.


Given the papers' quality, the anonymity of the authors, and the problems with returns, you can say it is a scam.

All rules and policies are structured in detail, but this is not a plus for you. The conditions are such that the company will always find a way out not to pay unhappy customers.

Given the papers' quality, the anonymity of the authors, and the problems with returns, you can say it is a scam.

Absolutely not. They missed my deadline, and a writer ignored some of my instructions.

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