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✔️ Excellent support team 24/7
✔️ Affordable prices starting at $9
✔️ Perfect quality

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✔️ Affordable prices
✔️ Attentiveness to students’ requirements
✔️ Direct communication with your writer

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✔️ User-friendly website
✔️ Direct communication with your writer


Service features

Service rating 3.0
Prices from $8.95
Deadline 3 hours
Refund Policy Yes
Revision Policy Yes

What is CheapestEssay?

CheapestEssay is a relatively new writing service that has yet to gain widespread popularity. The company is focused on the budget segment of writing services. Their website is pretty user-friendly so that you won't have any problems with the details. But I always try to abstract myself from a beautiful screen and look at more prosaic aspects. Let's start this CheapestEssay review with important details.

CheapestEssay main page

My Experience Using CheapestEssay

I am always skeptical about excessively low prices. Typically, small companies use this trick to grow their audience. But according to the data that I found on the official website, this writing service provides professional assistance and always guarantees impeccable quality. Then why do some Cheapest Essay reviews have paper quality complaints?

I decided not to waste a lot of time and chose a 2-page college admission essay. I also chose APA style and a five-day deadline. It's worth noting that my paper cost me $22.01. I was immediately alarmed by the fact that the choice of a native speaker or a foreign writer does not affect the price in any way. However, I chose a native speaker from the United States and asked to disclose the "My ambitions and desire to become a part of the scientific community" topic.

CheapestEssay order form

It should be noted that the deadline has not been exceeded. However, I was extremely unsurprised by the quality of the paper. The writer misused pronouns and word order. In addition, I found a couple of mistakes related to the choice of singular and plural. Plus, my paper was not unique. The final problem was the unclear declaration of my goals and desires as a student. Is Cheapest Essay legit? I think you already know what the answer will be. I do not want to pay for the services of writers from Eastern Europe or other regions which have just started learning English.

Strengths Weaknesses
1Low prices
1No native English speaking writers
2Easy-to-use website
2Low paper quality
3No free revisions
4Medium plagiarism
5Online chat is fully robotic
1Low prices
2Easy-to-use website
1No native English speaking writers
2Low paper quality
3No free revisions
4Medium plagiarism
5Online chat is fully robotic

Pricing and Deadlines

If you are willing to wait about two weeks, you will have to pay only $8.95 per page. If you verify your email, the price will drop to $7.61. But let's say you need your paper in three hours. Then you have to pay $23.76 per page. By the way, any plagiarism report will cost you $7.99. And if you want the best writer to do your paper, then the price of your order will increase by 25%. It is no longer as available as I expected earlier. However, let's continue this Cheapest Essay review with other details.

CheapestEssay pricing


I like how local lawyers have described all the terms of revisions and refunds. The company does not deny the possibility of improving your paper or getting your money back. But the administration reserves the right to make the final decision. This is why I found quite a few negative reviews on the internet. For me, this is tantamount to cheating and dishonest company behavior. This is why I always try to avoid such companies and consider them to be fraudulent.

Online Reputation

Let me tell you all the secrets right away. Many companies buy public opinion, and the positive CheapestEssay reviews are direct evidence. The company looks like a great place to order paper. But negative reviews are more telling. Many people complain that writers know very little English. For me, this is a very sad fact since I always count on perfect skills. I disliked that many of the reviews are very standardized and focused solely on beneficial aspects to the company. It seems to me that this is part of the marketing trick.

CheapestEssay review

Customer Support

This company is simply useless when it comes to customer support. These guys want to communicate exclusively through email. Managers ignore chat messages and respond only after 20-30 minutes. For me, it is similar to using a stick in space travel to protect against aliens. If you are ready to spend about an hour, then you can get an answer to your question. In general, communicating with managers is like a lottery. If you are lucky, you will find out the answer to your question.

CheapestEssay customer support


I respect my time and always strive to get the perfect papers. The low price is not a reason for joy. I know that greed is a student's worst companion. Sometimes it is better to pay 5-10 dollars to not worry about the quality of the papers. You should not use this site as you risk wasting your money. Local writers have poor English writing skills. Moreover, I am disappointed that the company is deceiving customers by giving them an imaginary choice. Most likely, you will be disappointed.


This is a legit company. However, this is not a reason for joy. The company does not guarantee you high quality or the achievement of the desired results. Find an alternative.

This is an unreliable site because the writers do not fully comply with the basic requirements. I advise you to consider all your options and not be hasty.

I'm not sure about that. On the one hand, the company declares that it does not transfer user data to third parties. But you cannot be 100% sure about this.

This service is not working properly. I am disappointed with the fact that the quality of the papers is very low. You should inquire about alternative sites.

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