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Owner Not Given
Years in operation 5
Price from $15
Shortest deadline 12 hours
Refund Policy Yes
Revision Policy Yes


CollegeEssay is a relatively new writing service that claims to be exceptional and completely safe for all English-speaking students. I liked the design and usability of the menu. This site looks good. However, I was confused because I did not find any legal information about this company. Is legit? Let's find it out!

Hotline and online chat are available at any time;
Stylish website design.
Light plagiarism;
Tricky refund policy;
Poor paper quality;
Writers ignore customers' requirements.


I decided to pick a 2-page argumentative essay on History and chose a fairly tricky topic. To test the professionalism of the writers, I asked the company to write an essay for me about the reasons for the defeat of Sultan Bayezid in the Battle of Angora. It is worth noting that a five-day deadline would have been enough to find out that this defeat was inflicted on the Sultan's army due to problems with command, supply of provisions, and very slow decision-making. As a result, the negligence of the military leaders led to the temporary collapse of the Ottoman Empire. By the way, I had to pay $37.

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I am writing all this data in this review only because the writer didn't even bother to open Wikipedia. He (or she) paid very little attention to the reasons for the defeat and did not even describe the consequences of the lost battle. In addition, I was very disappointed with the quality of my paper. Most likely, the author is not an English native speaker since some phrases and sentences were very unnatural. Another problem is light plagiarism. I don't understand why writers send papers without prior verification. That is why this College Essay review will be negative.


So the standard price per page is $15.00 if you're willing to wait more than eight days. But if you're in a real rush, writers can do some assignments in 12 hours. However, then the base price per page will increase to $21.25. It's worth noting that the company is using a marketing gimmick and claims prices have been cut by 50%. Unfortunately, I've read many reviews, and some people still fall for these tricks.

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The company offers fairly standard conditions for obtaining revisions. You can even ask for a full or partial refund if the paper quality is poor. However, the final verdict always rests with the QA team, and you should understand this. Is safe? The company declares that all data will be safe, and anyone can count on anonymity. Unfortunately, I cannot confirm or deny this statement since there is no information on the network about the company's reliability. This is why you will have to forget about the "College Essay review Reddit" search queries and use pure common sense.


As I said, this is a fairly young website, so I didn't find many reviews. In particular, I was able to find several reviews on Sitejabber. However, this is not enough to draw up the final verdict. You should try to find as many reviews as possible before you decide to place your first order.

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Usually, I find some aspect to praise or condemn the quality of the support managers' work. However, this time my opinion will be neutral. I tried to abstract myself from other College Essay reviews and even got through to the hotline. The managers were quite polite and competent. Also, I have no complaints about those guys who advised me in the online chat. If these people were also involved in writing papers, I would have no complaints about this website. However, these are my fantasies, and the reality is much more prosaic.


It's time to say the final words. This website is very ambitious and states itself as the best solution for any student. However, I do not need to use the "review College Essay" search queries to understand the appropriateness of using this site. The writers are incompetent and don't take user requirements into account. I was sincerely surprised at the plagiarism and the lack of the data that I asked for.

Perhaps the writer is not a native speaker, as the quality of the sentences was extremely poor. I don't know what factors influenced the writer, but I am very dissatisfied with the quality of the papers. Even if I were paid, I would not have visited this site a second time. I advise you to find an alternative if you do not want to spend money without quality guarantees. There are tons of other options that deserve your attention.


Is legit? I have not found any mention of the parent company or the location of the head office. That is why I cannot say for sure. It is possible that this is not a legit company, and you will have to look for an alternative.
Is reliable? Since the writer did not cope with my assignment, I believe that this is an unreliable writing service. I think there are many other companies out there that can do a lot better than local writers.
Is safe? The company declares that the data of all users are safe. But I have no way to confirm or deny this statement. So chances are, you'd better not experiment and choose a more reliable site.
Does work? I believe that this company is not working as it should. The fact is that my paper did not meet the established requirements. Therefore, you'd better take the risk and go for a more reliable writing site.